Happiness in future tense

Scandinavians are among the happiest people in the world. And we take great pride in that. We know that people’s well-being is the cornerstone for creating good and efficient companies, and we want to help strengthen that cornerstone. Leaders, therefore, need to ask themselves not what we can invent, but how these inventions can take human wants and needs fundamental to our happiness into account in the future.


We invite you to join us for a day of interesting keynote speeches, a sneak peek into the future, playful learning labs and daring future drinks and snacks. The event is from 3 p.m. to midnight in our new Danish location in Meldahlsgade 5, 1613 Copenhagen V.


Thomas Fischer, CEO Valcon

How do we build businesses centred on human experience and happiness? Thomas Fischer will present his vision for how we can enable living life to the fullest in the future, and what a successful business could look like in future tense: Leaders need to let go of existing ways of running their organisations to truly embrace future opportunities.

Meik Wiking, CEO The Happiness Institute

Obviously, human well-being is more than professional and material success. Meik Wiking will share his perspective on how to define and measure happiness in a time of perpetual upgrades. By increasing quality of life in our societies, we may in fact accomplish additional goals such as longevity and productivity.

The digital generation

What does the 100% digitally native generation expect from the world they are entering? We have invited a representative to speak on behalf of this fickle generation and shine a light on how their hopes and dreams can be matched by the values and opportunities offered by businesses and society.

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We are looking forward to seeing you!