Marie-Louise is a proactive, highly energetic and open-minded Integral Development Coach and HR professional with experience in operating in a fast-paced, commercial and international business environment. She has over 16 years HR experience, and her focus areas are organisational development, talent management and engagement, personal development, performance management, talent acquisition, project management, work-life integration and diversity and inclusion. She thrives in a high-performance organisational culture

What do you think is the most interesting dilemma on the business agenda right now?
For me, the most interesting dilemma on the HR agenda right now is how to create an engaging and attractive employee experience. Being a conscious and compassionate employer means to “walk a mile in the employee’s shoes” and fundamentally understand what drives our employees. How do we create a powerful employee experience and provide the tools, training and development, physical environment and technology to foster an inspiring environment in which to pursue your passion and aspirations? Providing a positive and engaging employee experience is key in recruiting and retaining our talent.

The best advice someone ever gave to you?*
“Eat the frog for breakfast”. The original quote is “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain
The frog is that rather big, complex, unclear task that has landed on your plate. The kind of task that you put in front of you all day, and you have absolutely no motivation to get started on it. Just get on with it. You will gain great satisfaction and actually free up time to do the work that you enjoy!