Stig has over 20 years of experience with IT and business consulting from major international consulting and IT companies. He has broad industry experience and has performed roles as manager, lead consultant and delivery project executive in the public, finance, pharma, manufacturing and transportation sectors. Stig is a thought leader and typically directs teams of IT and consulting specialists. Stig has an international educational background (MA, MBA) and has as a professional worked on a large number of international assignments, primarily in English- and French-speaking geographies.

What do you think is the most interesting dilemma on the business agenda right now?
A very interesting dilemma is for companies to decide when, to what extent and how to leverage disruptive technologies. Smart thinking combined with digitalisation can disrupt business models and accelerate company revenues. However, when and how should you move to a new business model and introduce innovative products and services, replacing obsolete ones? The trick is for companies and innovators to read and predict market needs and sometimes to have a strategy for creating and maturing markets for new products and services .

The best advice someone ever gave to you?
My dad: Things can change completely and very quickly. Be patient, at some point, the good things will come to you.

What does The HOW mean to you?
The HOW to me is when recommendations and to-be scenarios are not sufficient value for the customer. Real value for the customer is to advise and lead HOW the customer gets from as-is to to-be and to take responsibility for the end result.